Stanford Medical Student Association (SMSA)

Gardner Mentorship Events

Thanks to a generous donation by Dr. Gardner (a Stanford Med Alum), SMSA has a Fund that is earmarked for non-academic mentorship events between medical students and faculty.  

The purpose of these events is to provide opportunities for students to interact with faculty members outside of the academic setting. Dr. Gardner's hope is that these events will be both a fun reprieve from Medicine and a time for students and faculty to enjoy the many wonderful cultural, sports and outdoor activities in the Bay Area.

SMSA will plan one Gardner Event per quarter, but we hope that students outside of the SMSA Council will take advantage of this wonderful gift by proposing and coordinating additional events throughout the year.

How to Propose a Gardner Mentorship Event
1) Complete an event proposal with the following information:

1. Event name:
2. Event description (include relevant web links):

3. Proposed date(s) and time(s):
4. Location:

5. Transportation:
6. Target number of student participants:

7. How you will select student participants if space is limited:
8. Target number of faculty participants (include names):
9. Line item budget (include outside funding sources):
Note: Depending on the scope of the event, a reasonable budget should be between $200-$1000. SMSA can advise on additional funding sources if your proposed budget is greater than $1000.

10. Name(s) of student(s) coordinating the event:

2) Email your proposal to the SMSA Social Chairs

3) The Social Chairs will then review your proposal and work with you to refine the event's scope or timeline as necessary.

4) Coordinate a meeting with Char Hamada to obtain final approval for the event and to discuss event planning.

Past Gardner Events
SF Symphony Series (5 times/year 8 students go to dinner and the SF Symphony with 2 faculty)

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